3 Things to consider before buying

Submitted by PG Jewelry on Thu, 10/04/2018 - 8:55am

Are you currently considering a precious metals purchase? Here are three things to consider before making the purchase:

1. Buy during bull markets. When the markets are strong, investors will often trade in precious metals to double-down their efforts in the stock market. The increased supply of precious metals in the market lowers their perceived values. Therefore, the best time to buy precious metals is when the economy is strong. 

2. EFTs or physical metals, which is better? When you buy precious metals through an exchange-traded fund, you don’t actually have physical possession of the metals, or really even a claim to the metals themselves. Therefore, holding EFTs comes with certain benefits and risks.

3. Buy silver or gold? This is one question we often receive at P&G Jewelry & Coin. While the decision is ultimately yours, buying a mix of gold and silver may be in your best interest since the value of each can fluctuate in the marketplace.